what I feel about being single.

i am to this point in my life, where in happiness is a bubble for me that can not be popped by anyone. 


I really dont feel alone or bored with my life, ever since. Its just that they keep going and going, and times like that are I dont have a choice but go with the flow or something.


And plus, all of my best friends are single. We do not feel alone since we are all matured, and we just keep in mind that life is so fun and having a boy would not necessarily need one like we need food. You see, all these immature people keeps having them like toys. We do not see it that way, we are very independent and just so happy, and maybe yes, there is no time for us. 


Its so sad looking at old people suffering. Circle of life, its like you were just the one looking at the elder, and there will come a time that you are the one
being taken care of. Its just how it works, the pattern that is no matter how you do not like to go with it, you just go. Without choices.

I am so afraid of being left, being left in a room alone being the one late the one closing for people. I always want to be the first or one in the middle
never at last. I do not want to be staying here for so long…………. hopefully. I do not want to i just cant explain