what I feel about being single.

i am to this point in my life, where in happiness is a bubble for me that can not be popped by anyone. 


I really dont feel alone or bored with my life, ever since. Its just that they keep going and going, and times like that are I dont have a choice but go with the flow or something.


And plus, all of my best friends are single. We do not feel alone since we are all matured, and we just keep in mind that life is so fun and having a boy would not necessarily need one like we need food. You see, all these immature people keeps having them like toys. We do not see it that way, we are very independent and just so happy, and maybe yes, there is no time for us. 


Its so sad looking at old people suffering. Circle of life, its like you were just the one looking at the elder, and there will come a time that you are the one
being taken care of. Its just how it works, the pattern that is no matter how you do not like to go with it, you just go. Without choices.

I am so afraid of being left, being left in a room alone being the one late the one closing for people. I always want to be the first or one in the middle
never at last. I do not want to be staying here for so long…………. hopefully. I do not want to i just cant explain

Chiangmai, Thailand life!

I did not expect that much though, I just went with the flow. I did not expect it would be the place that I have been dreaming about. Everything was just there.

A life with what I always wanted, a life full of peace and polite and friendly people.
It was the type of life to be chill in everything, everything was close to perfection for me. I did not expect that much,
because I never traveled alone and I do not know what to do, I have no ideas. But I can assure myself that I am blessed
and purely delighted I had this experience. This is way cooler. So cool. Twenty eight days of experiences, too much to mention, summary
is still being done at pictures of the places I have been at. Food, Adventures and most especially the people I have hang out with. No words can
explain, I know you might be thinking that I am exagerating or something, But Chiangmai? Is a perfect place for people like me. For people
who likes to be chill, for those who are appreciative, smiling faces, it was perfect. Felt so safe and felt so real. You really feel you belong. This is an
honest blog. I assure you, it is a place to be at! And that is proven, foreigners love it there. From the people I have been talking with during
my tour. It looks like it is the capital of the country, it is just so successful, everything is just there. All available for you. Everything is so organized.
It is a place to be at, to be an escapade and blend in with the people there. Their traditions are kept. Its so heart warming to be there. Worth it
that I have not been to traveling and it is my first time traveling alone.


So fortunate to have two sisters to be there with me, they were in a bubble of their hectic schedule, working girls, and still kept me going with my travel. I always felt home with them, it was so comfortable with them.  I can tell them anything and do anything. I never felt so alone even though I traveled alone. Blessed indeed.


It felt like I am still a daughter of the family, in times that I did not feel it, this awakened me. They were just waiting for my legal age to pop.


Independent Summer Vacation of mine!

Where am I going to start off my story.. 

I don’t know what was on my mind but I surely had the smile on my face going to Chiangmai, Thailand and when I was off home again, I was so sad. Hahaha……… 

I did not know that this felt like the biggest escapade of my life, maybe for now. I mean, hopefully there will be a lot of trips happening in my life. My one true dream is to just travel the whole wide world. 

Leaving home with a smile on my face, it was surprising having enough sleep despite of my excitement that reached the sky or maybe even the galaxy but what do you know, I had complete sleep! Maybe. Enough. My first and last trip outside the country was eleven years ago, I think so, my parents were in lead and I just remember my eyes are half closed when we arrived at the airport. I just remember how my ears hurt. But this time, I was alone. I am alone going to an adventure and it depends on me on what will happen next. I came in and ha! Of luck, I only have to enter a tiny airport. I asked the guard what to do, I paid right away with the taxes, and checked in. It took me a while to stand there in line. Next in line was the immigration, wait for it. Here comes another story! I had basically no stamp on my passport, and crazy me I did not bring my old passport, but hello. There should be no questions asked. I am of legal age! I mean, that is what my parents told me. My sister traveled alone from Asia to USA at twelve years old. Yea, Inspiration. So, I had the letter and all, they checked my sisters records of going here at PH, she comes home every year then the guy was asking for more proof, He even told me it was for my protection if we were even close to each other enough. He asked a picture, and I had to go all the way upstairs just to log in my facebook account and get a picture of my family. Luckily, I have a copy at facebook! Then poof. Okay now, but in the middle of that, I was thinking to myself, If I don’t catch the plane now, what will happen to my whole summer? Sitting and laying all around the house? No. I will not let that happen! Thank God I got through! 

I got the lucky seat, the window seat + the wing side seat. Taking off and seeing the clouds felt so real. I mean I appreciate it even more on my age. Good thing I had no company, well I had an American with me but there was one space of chair between us. Yay! I took a nap, could not help it. A little sleepy even though I had enough? sleep. Right when we landed, changed my time to BKK time. I was with Filipinos too. I came with them to get my baggage claim over by belt so far I do not remember. I have a lot of time to kill before my next flight so it was okay. Got through the immigration and all as fast as a bee. I found the Bangkok Airways lounge in no time, but I searched for it too. I thought the gate was with my ticket, but there was no gate in my ticket. I stayed for an hour I guess at the lounge. The gates were in front of the lounge, before I enter the lounge I asked a guy and he was a responsible looking man he was a staff which had the lists of the gates, and on how busy and responsible he looked, he gave me the wrong gate which is AA. My gate was A2A. I went back to the information center which made me go back twice, they were the girls I was asking for the lounge too. Good thing it was just in front of each other. I thank God for letting me not have fear for being alone in traveling. It was so fun, not scary at all. Not a brag or what, But it was not. I met a lot of friends at the airport, sadly I do not have a picture of them. Oh, i forgot. Every staff member I talked to at the aiport was so friendly! I had so much fun talking with them and just smiling around. Landed at Chiang mai and saw my sister waiting, Yay! Got there safe and sound.