Alma mater

Our alma mater

Well. I actually did one blog about this already. But it yes, it did closed and something fortunate occured. How unfortunate for the second tune repeating it and plus I knew and felft it was going ti happen but didn’t copy it. Actually it can’t be copied I don’t know something weird about this tab.

So I forgot already. Because once I type, I rarely think while iwrite or type to be specific. It just goes on with my randim stunning mind and my very fast fingers typing. Lord, help me remember the words that were there.


Growing up and not stepping out of our comfort zone was a common thing for all of us. We were so not surprised with our school, since it was literally our second home. All our life. Our life was devoted to it. For the record, I hold a loyalty award to our schol, I have been there since kinder to senior year high school. Wishing for two more years of high school though before.
The closest thing that was about transfering was rooms, every year. That was the only constant chabge in our school. School stayed the same, patient teachers were stilk there, school routines were always the same. Having second thoughts of tranfering to schools was one of the biggest thoughts of my classmates. I mean, I do not object to their idea since they were so bored with everything and they wanted simethiong exciting. We may not be advanced to everything and every common fact of knowledge there is.  Honestly speaking, we were not that competent and trained like the others. But that just takes a snap of the finger to be learned by it. But what you can not have by a snap of a finger is indeed, friendship. We had each other for our whole lives. Our other classmates may transfered before yet they came back and the normal thing goes on and on. I am of course very thankful and blessed to be in that school, it may not be perfect. But peooe there with you were so perfect. Everyone was meant to be compatible with each other. Reunion’s speak for itself. I know bestfriends can read with each other. But actually we can do that to. Plus, we were one of the best batches ever. We wer made with everyone so smart and so notorious, our title ever since fourth grade. Perfect match of everything. So guys, we were actually blessed to have each other. Yep.


Way too different part of me.

I am not a believer of such thing and related to it I do not even give interest at. This afternoon, is one of the worst of the worst, ate gang was busy showering.. I was at the garage petting my sweet dog, and someone was knocking at my back. It even moved the curtain twice, I even looked back. I assumed it was ate gang, but minutes after, she just went out. She just finished showering. This is not my first time experiencing. People who are only close and devoted to God experience these things. Peop.e who don’t care, just nothing. I don’t know why. But this is scary. Beyond scary. I never wanted to be s part of like this, but in everyday living of ours,there’s a reason. I’m too fearful for experiencing this all over again. Since fifth grade.. what if. Sopmethuing bigger happens. Ughhhhhhhh.