People who knows how to appreciate are not being even appreciated at all.


I’m so loyal with what I put on my face that experimenting others scares me. I’ve been putting dove for the past eight years and since there was for the hair, yay going back to old. Hahaha. Yay

At least we had each other, that is the important thing.

Well, bottomline is… we had each other.

Too much excitement was earned before the party started, and………… turned out to disappointing to perfection.

Slept late, and woke up late of course. Good thing our call time is at evening, I have too much time for preparation for the party, even
though we do not need it obviously, we are not even the birthday celebrant and plus it is just a simple party- not required to dress up kind of night.
Maybe one of our fault we came too late. Went inside and we were just all jaw dropped, we did not expect that kind of group of people. Too much, in which I
do not care, I mean. Of course it is okay, I am just a visitor. We went in and greet each other with the birthday celebrants family.
Good thing there was an unoccupied table with chairs, in which we ate right away and sat! We were in the middle and felt so out of place right away also. No offenses or
such, we are just not the type of people who are used to crowds like that, it was too much… even though it was only for start. We were telling each other, at start, we were 1/2 that led
to 1/8 to 1/16 to 1/100 we had to tell Lance also. Funny. Hahahaha. We were still enjoying though. We went inside and outside for some time, there was nothing to do. I was convincing them,
this will be better. Better later, I held into that actually. We were to leave the table since guests more guests were arriving, we had to stay over by the pool side. We were
only the ones socializing with each other, so funny. Hahahaha. I keep telling them, at least we have each other though. Richard disappeared all of a sudden, he was in his car we assumed
and so he was. We stayed in there for a while and selfies are the evidences for the time that was spent partying in a car. We were trying our best to make fun out of ourselves, Jessa and Mikko have not
arrived yet. When they came, we let them ate of course then we toured again at Fontana, but it was too dark at the Park ended up being scary so yeah, decided to go back again.
Back at the villa. Back to where I was only standing at a corner and having a first time experience in my whole life. I have never felt so isolated in my whole life, I can blend in with people easily. But it was just
different this time. I am not on the same page as they are, with their lifestyle and such. Plus, we went inside and they embraced us with a ” hey you drink this since you just came” from a random guy,
random big guy for we all hated the whole night. Of course!!! We do not do it. I mean… it is okay minus the pressure. We can do it, in our choices. So the guys had to do it for us. Yes, thank you Richard and Paul
for saving us. We love you too.

selfies at parking they got lance got embarassed then stayed at sofa but we were completely blinded by all then they got wasted and lance too everyone was got overboard good thing there was company old company

it was great we had each other to bonded wit each other and catched up with ech other everyone sdo it is still perfecton for me important thing is i love these guys that being with them is already priceless in any situation there is thank God also of course